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Your health is most important for us

BIOMED Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek Sp. z o.o. is a Polish pharmaceutical company with a long history, and has been operational in the Polish market since 1944. The company is a manufacturer of many much-needed products, which for many years have been trusted and acknowledged by doctors and patients. Medicinal products, medical devices and laboratory reagents produced by BIOMED comply with all quality requirements, and are confirmed with certificates. BIOMED continuously upgrades its own products to satisfy quality and marketing requirements, and to make them to comply with the highest standards of the modern pharmacy. It implements new technologies and cooperates with Polish centres of scientific research, and together with them carries out research in order to enhance the qualifications of personnel and improve manufacturing processes – constantly improving the quality of the products.

Our most important medicinal products:

LAKCID ®; Lakcid ® forte; BIOSPASMIL ®; BIOHEMORIL ®; DISTREPTAZA®; Onko BCG ® 50, 100; BIOGLICEROL 1g, 2g; HISTAGLOBULINA ®; TROMBINA ® 400; GAMMA ® anty-HBs 200, 1000; GAMMA ® anty-D 50, 150; Szczepionka przeciwgruźlicza BCG 10 (antitubercle vaccine); GASTROTROMBINA ® 5000, GASTROTROMBINA ® 10000.

Prescription medicines

OTC medicines

Medical devices and reagents

Form of application of operation of ineligible medicine