Welcome to „BIOMED-LUBLIN" S.A.

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About us

History of the company

The beginnings of Biomed date back to 1944. The complicated epidemiological situation in Poland
connected with the Second World War coming to an end required quick action for the purpose of
preventing the spread of contagious diseases.

4 December 1944 – Laboratorium Produkcji Szczepionki przeciwko Durowi Plamistemu (Production Laboratory of Vaccine for Typhus) becomes operational (later called Zakład Produkcji Szczepionki przeciwko Durowi Osutkowemu, the Factory of Production of Vaccine for Typhus of Rudolf Weigl, by the National Hygiene Institute in Lublin);

1944 – through a Branch of the National Hygiene Institute in Lublin the second factory is established – Zakład Produkcji Surowic i Szczepionek (Factory of Sera and Vaccines), producing vaccines against rabies, dysentery and typhoid, and Delbet’s nonspecific stimulative vaccine, anti-diphtheritic and antitetanic sera;

1951 – separation of both factories from the structures of the National Hygiene Institute (they become operational as Lubelska Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek, the Lublin Factory of Sera and Vaccines);

1950s - dynamic development of the factory – significant increase in employment, extension of productive departments, enlargement of range;

1959 - the Factory begins the organization of the manufacturing of Polio vaccine for Heinego-Medina disease and manufacturing a bacterial preparation under the name Lakcid;

1960 - the Lubelska Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek (Lublin Factory of Sera and Vaccines) is renamed Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek w Lublinie, the Factory of Sera and Vaccines in Lublin;

1960s - The factory carries out scientific and research work concerning, among other things, obtaining polyvalent vaccine for influenza viruses “Picorna”;

1976 - Factory reorganization. 4 large manufacturing departments are established:

  • Department of Vaccines, Chemistry and Auxiliary Production,
  • Department of Virology,
  • Department of Sera and Laboratorial Animals,
  • Department of Protein Fractions and Organopreparations.

1970s and 1980s - continuous modernization of manufacturing processes, implementation of new technologies, enlargement of range, modernization of equipment,

1994 – the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek in Lublin - the company can be proud to be a manufacturer of, among other things, such preparations as: Antitubercle vaccine BCG, Lakcid, Biogonadyl, Trombina, Gastrotrombina and Histaglobina.

The contemporary range of preparations:


  • Vaccine for typhus;
  • Vaccine for dysentery;
  • Vaccine for rabies;
  • Vaccine for typhoid;
  • Penta vaccine;
  • Delbet’s vaccine;
  • Vaccine for pertussis;
  • Vaccine for scarlet fever;
  • Diphtheritic anatoxin;
  • Tetanic anatoxin;
  • Panodina;
  • Vaccine for influenza;
  • Neurowakcyna I, II, III;
  • Neoflamina;
  • Vaccine for diphtheria-tetanus- pertussis (Di Te Per);
  • Vaccine for diphtheria-tetanus (Di Te);
  • Typhoid vaccine with tetanic (Ty Te) anatoxin;
  • Antitubercle vaccine BCG;
  • POLIO vaccine.


  • Antitetanic serum;
  • Anti-diphtheritic serum;
  • Anti-meningococcal serum;
  • Anti-measles serum.


  • Pregnadyl - Biogonadyl;
  • Menogonadyl;
  • Gestotest - pregnancy tests.


  • Procoalen;
  • Trombina and Gastrotrombina.


  • Gamma-globulin from human puerperal placenta;
  • Placenta;
  • Gamma-globulin from plasma;
  • Gamma-globulin anti Rh(D);
  • Gamma-globulin anti HBs;
  • Extract of the of blood clotting IX factor;
  • Histaglobina.


  • Lakcid.


  • Distreptaza.


  • Liquids and media for cellular cultures;
  • Tissue culture;
  • Antigens and sera for the diagnostics of enteroviral and respiratory diseases;
  • Diagnostic kits: Fibry-Degra Test, MZ-Lateks;
  • freeze-dried complement.



  • Pseudocholinesterase;
  • Bovine fibrinogen;
  • Horse′s albumin;
  • Human albumin;
  • Bovine albumin;
  • Bovine gamma-globulin.

The present day

31 October 2001 - the company undergoes privatization, operating from this moment as "BIOMED-LUBLIN" Serum and Vaccine Production Plant PLC in Lublin .

The current employment level in the company amounts to approximately 230 persons (mostly partners). The staff are well qualified specialists, with many years of experience in manufacturing. However, the company welcomes young people and each year new people successfully complete the recruitment process.

Our own technologies are mostly applied in manufacturing. In the course of over 60 years of operation “Biomed” has become specialized in the manufacturing of many desirable therapeutic preparations, valued for many years both by doctors and patients. The company follows the idea “Your health is most important for us” and it was adopted as its own mission statement.

The main range of the company's activity is the national pharmaceutical market. Besides that the company registers the produced preparations in several European and Asian countries. The products comply with all quality requirements concerning pharmaceuticals. “Biomed” is a holder of the GMP certificate and certificates of free trade. As well as manufacturing activity, it also carries out scientific activity, and has started and maintains cooperation with numerous research centres and independent institutes in Poland and abroad.