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Honourable Diploma of the Marshal of Lublin Province
- for the prize winner of the 2nd awarding of the competition

"Wojewódzki Lider Biznesu" - 30 June, 2005.

Wojewódzki Lider Biznesu 2005
(Provincial Leader of Business 2005)
The title granted by the Regional Economic Chamber in Lublin

Lubelski Orzeł Biznesu 2006 (Lublin Aquila of Business 2005)
The company has been honoured with the prestigious award: LUBELSKI ORZEŁ BIZNESU 2005 in the category of medium-sized enterprises. The figurine ORZEŁ BIZNESU is a reward granted within the framework of the competition “Lubelski Orzeł Biznesu” organized by the Lublin Association of Employers for the best companies in the region. The competition takes place under the auspices of Head of Lublin Province and the Marshal of the Lublin Province.